I am Mark and even though in my younger years I trained and worked as a chef, and then joined the military, things were not settled in my life. I knew that I needed to be doing something more than this. 

In 2014 there was a change of circumstances that allowed me to take stock of where I was and what was happening. It was during this time that I decided to retrain. I gained a degree in English Literature and Creative Writing.  I took several courses in design and graphic design and found myself reviewing every piece of written work I saw, whether it was posters on noticeboard or advertising on the bus. Something attracted me.

In recent years I found myself faced with lots of 'copy' that needed to be corrected before I could pass it on to others in the team to do their job. It wasn't long before this became my role, and from there I sourced freelance work checking essays, advertorials and all sorts of written text. 

Write-Stuff grew out of this, and for the last three years I have been working for clients from a variety of business fields.  If you think that I might be able to help your business or organisation, do not hesitate to contact me at mark@write-stuff.co.uk.