Creative writing is the craft that writes outside of the academic, the journalistic and technical forms. It is, in effect, storytelling that relies of character development. But, we at Write-Stuff see it as something more important than that. We see it has life-changing and confidence building. We see it as therapeutic and cathartic. 

Write-Stuff have created workshop style sessions that allows writers to explore life from a variety of perspectives. We have taken these sessions into the custodial setting within the United Kingdom and seen people's outlooks, attitudes and demeanours change. One prison tutor even told us that she had not seen her class so attentive and willing to take part in the sessions.

Here is something for you to ponder over. Take a clean piece of A4 paper and look at it. What do you see?

That A4 piece of paper is the writer's escape to anywhere they want to go, and as group facilitators we let each writer explore the world that is on their piece of paper.

If you are interested in holding a Creative Writing Workshop, send an email to